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What is Inbound Call Center

A call center that exclusively takes care of incoming calls made by prospects or customers is referred to as an Inbound Call Center. Calls are usually made by customers to get product support, or inquire about a product, or even to complain about a product or service. We are in a highly digitized world where there is a cut-throat competition in the business world. In such a scenario, businesses just cannot afford to overlook customer satisfaction. And, its’s the inbound call centers that help to provide the focused approach required to improving customer support services. It’s often seen that inbound call center services are outsourced by businesses to manage incoming calls from their existing customers or prospects. It the inbound call center agents that handle these calls – they are trained to provide the needed information or resolve queries – telephonically.
It’s interesting to note how the performance of an inbound call center agent is measured. It involves several metrics, like First Call Resolution (FCR), Average Handle Time (AHT), and the time in queue. Further, these days, the interaction with customers or prospects is not restricted to telephone communications; the agents also need to use e-mails and web-chat to interact. And, the agents are trained to this effect. Inbound call centers typically consist of support teams since the calls are most likely to come from existing customers – either to get an issue solved or other inquiries. The inbound call center mainly administers incoming calls to give product or service support, or satisfy customer inquiries – telephonically.

Benefits of Outsourcing Inbound call center Services

The most important role of an organisation is to never miss out the client who comes forward to enquire the service or product. We provide a professionally dedicated service to keep your customers on track. The vendor who affords a quality product to his customers can maintain the same quality of service after purchase also. Either there may be customers looking for service help for a product or may appreciate the service provided, in that case Bestcallcentre.in comes into picture.

We have well-versed infrastructure through which all your roles and responsibilities will be transferred to us. The calls can be routed through our medium and our agents are 24×7 ready to serve the best. We have a perfect analytics monitor to continuously look into the progress and meet the customer satisfaction Cent percent.

Outsourcing Help Desk Services

A place where people go to get their questions answered or look for solutions is known as the help desk – in its broadest sense!

An inbound call center manages and receives incoming calls. The inbound call center help desk offers services like sales support, service support, or billing support. The help desk handles general queries over the phone from existing customers or prospects.

An inbound call center manages and receives incoming calls. The inbound call center help desk offers services like sales support, service support, or billing support. The help desk handles general queries over the phone from existing customers or prospects.

BestCallCenter.in which has a well-versed infrastructure, provides efficient and reliable inbound Call center services in appointment fixing, call answering, billing & inquiry services, order processing, 24x7x365 customer support, help desk services, and more.

Make a Great First Impression

Inbound call solutions satisfy customer service needs. Inbound call center teleservice personnel are trained to know what calling customers want and what they expect.

When someone speaks to a call center representative, they expect to be treated with respect. Further, they hope to converse with an individual who is well informed. Make your impression in the first go – you never get a second chance!

BestCallCenter.in teleservice agents answer their callers with respect and with a smile over the phone – this helps to translate into a good rapport with the caller. We impress the caller and try to resolve their queries during the first call itself – all this ensures high customer satisfaction.

Easily Handle High Call Volumes

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has compelled businesses to adapt to a new business environment. Marketing teams are reaching audiences in newer ways, sales teams are facing acquisition challenges, and service teams are experiencing a surge in demanding solutions online or telephonically.

When there is a sudden demand for inbound call solutions then you should hire or outsource inbound call center , it is the call volumes metric that first soars through the roof. The increase in call volume increases the wait times as a result of which the customer satisfaction drops.

Our Company has an efficient inbound call center that handles high call volumes efficiently. We schedule our teams accordingly, provide self-service resources like a knowledge-base to our calling representatives, and we even put in place additional customer service channels when required.

Enjoy Added Security and Redundancy

Reliability is an important component of an efficient inbound call center and ensuring an exceptional uptime is critical. Having a combination of cloud-based and on-premise systems that are secure increases the credibility of any inbound call center.

There are instances when a planned or unexpected outage can happen in an any Contact Center. The ability of an inbound call center to keep it running during this period is called redundancy.

BestCallCenter.in offers security and redundancy protocols that guarantee your system to have the most appropriate bandwidth and infrastructure to handle everything and anything. We offer quality service, and our specially developed skill-based report meets all customer needs.

No Costly Employee Training

India is the most preferred destination for offshore call center outsourcing services is no secret. India has a large pool of English-speaking graduates who are computer-savvy.

India’s advantage in the call center arena lies in the fact that it enables almost 50 percent cost savings to companies wanting to offshore their call center operations. Inbound call centers are required to equip their teleservice representatives with the necessary skills. The cost involved in training employees is usually less due to the highly educated class along with superior infrastructure.

Our Company follows a rigorous recruitment process and conducts intensive training for selected candidates that enables them to meet desired standards of operation. We train or teleservice representatives to deal with high-frequency transactional intensity and scalability empowering them empowers to process customer requirements along with providing solutions – most economically.

Focus on Your Core Business – and Realize Your Goals

An efficient inbound call center is one that offers efficient full functionality solutions and services. Outsourcing your inbound call center service can allow you to focus on your core business competencies. Doing so can enable you to see instant results – you will see increased bottom-line and an improved customer service feedback.

Our Company can implement your inbound call center service straight away. For your targeted enhancements or total system overhaul, we are always there to help you with our inbound calling services.

Popular Inbound Call Solutions

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Upgrade and Renewal Inquiries

Subscription-based businesses such as subscription boxes or SaaS companies may receive calls from customers who want to either upgrade their plans or add on new packages. In this case, inbound call agents should be trained to either upgrade shoppers’ plans or redirect the call to a sales agent who can process the order.

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Payment and Order Processing

Though online ordering has become increasingly popular, customers can still place orders over the phone. Inbound call agents may configure the company’s shopping cart so that when shoppers select it on their computer screens, they can speak directly to a representative who will complete their purchases over the phone. Contact centers help these phone-in customers complete their orders by taking and processing customer payments, addressing customer concerns as necessary, and tracking purchase details.

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Appointment Scheduling

Staying ahead can be a challenge in the competitive world of business. Customers want to contact companies directly – rather than through call centers – to confirm prices and arrange appointments. Companies that make booking appointments easy will win more business from loyal customers. Inbound call center agents can help manage appointments, making it easier to resell products and services to customers who are already customers.

This will increase customer satisfaction because they will know if they call in, they will be put into a queue of people who also want to speak with someone within the business. Also, it increases loyalty because you are giving them a more personal experience.

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Inquiry Management

Sometimes, customers will call your company with the intention of learning more about your products or services. This can be a great opportunity to reach out, connect, and win some new business! Your customer service team can guide customers through the products and services by giving them all the information they need. They’ll have both the skills and experience to follow up professionally with inbound leads and provide exceptional customer service that can lead to new business opportunities for your company.

Complaint Hotline :

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Inbound service usually involves handling customer complaints, or occasionally managing to take the lead on a query.

A professional answering service will always make use of these features when serving clients and with additional tools such as phone tracking, this can provide real time observation of your organization’s performance; which helps you streamline any problems you might have during a call.

Message Taking

There are instances when a caller is not able to connect with you due to heavy traffic. Some of the callers are likely to follow through with the call and leave a message on your voicemail. However, it’s been experienced that 70 percent of the callers won’t leave a message.

Availing this service enables customers to leave their messages on your voicemail, and captures their name, phone number, email, and message. On checking their accumulated voicemails, inbound call center agents then get in touch to answer their customers. This is a great and affordable solution for any small business.

Message taking service is a service that’s offered by an inbound call center that gives customers the option to speak to a human being irrespective of when they have called. This way it helps a business to maximize their lead capturing efforts.

Call Patching

If any company is considering to utilize the answering services for their business, call patching is the basic, yet essential service that they need to look at. Call patching is essential especially if the business staff is off to other locations or need calls forwarded to different numbers.

It can be explained in two simple steps. First, the incoming call to the main business line is picked up by a professional virtual receptionist who answers the call. The virtual receptionist gathers the necessary information needed to direct the call. Next, the virtual receptionist keeps the caller on the line and connects to the extension or mobile phone number to whom the caller wants to reach. This process is popularly called a “warm” transfer.

Order Taking

Across industries, for any business, taking orders is an important task. Order taking involves noting or recording orders accurately. It is followed by securing the recorded data and finally delivering it.

Buyers prefer talking to a person live on the phone rather than talking to an automated call when placing their orders. If a business is selling some product or service, they need dedicated inbound order takers to respond to the queries. our agents are efficient in handling order taking via their inbound call services – professionally.

Customer Service

An inbound call center is a central communications department within a company or outsourced to an external agency or company. It receives incoming calls from customers. It is usually the support teams that typically handle inbound calls. That is because the incoming calls are mostly meant for solving issues or answering questions from existing customers. That’s how our call centres handle customer service. Customer service provided by an our company gives assistance or advice to those people who buy or use its products or services.

Complaint Hotline

Sometimes a customer might be dissatisfied with the services or products of a company. The consumer complaint or customer complaint their expression of dissatisfaction. The response to the complaint hotline is the first line of defense. Action that is taken over complaints matters.

Apart from customers, there could be interior employees or private citizens who may share their information which could turn into investigations or audits. This could usher in a positive change for the department, or its employees, or the public.

Technical Support

India is second to none when it comes to technical support call centers. Technical support by inbound call centers refers to services related to technology. Technical support teams in these centers provide help and support for specific problems with a technology product or service that is why All types of business trust inbound call center outsourcing

Technical support can be delivered by phone or e-mail. They may even be supported by live chat support on a website. When technical support is handled by call centers, they are called technical support inbound call centers. Larger companies have dedicated technical support teams. Other businesses outsource their technical support to call centers that are specialized in receiving incoming calls. It should be noted that technical support is not meant for providing training, or customization of the product.

Conduct Business Around the Globe

Dedicated inbound call centers can offer exceptional experience and also provides result-driven performance. The inbound call center can help you to fast track your lead and sales funnel, process your orders, and offer help desk & customer services.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed a lot of industries like healthcare, financial services, retail, insurance, and others to outsource their call center services. Inbound call centers have facilitated businesses around the world to improve on their productivity and efficiency.

Conducting business via phone requires you to be online continuously to ensure that you respond to your customers when they want to do business with you.

BestCallCenter.in teleservice agents work around the clock, and every day of the week helping you to handle worldwide customer requests. We help you to conduct business around the globe.

Key Features of Inbound Call Process -Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

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Our advanced ACD technology allows Contact Centres to answer calls as they enter the Contact Center, play some Welcome Message and intelligently route them to available agents based on the dialed number (DNIS), calling party identification (ANI), available agents, Agent Selection Algorithm or customized business rules. Inbound Agents can participate simultaneously in Outbound dialling to provide Blended support.

    • Universal Inbound/ Universal Queue
    • Unified Customer Contact History
  • Real Time and Flexible Historic Reporting
    • Passive and On-Demand Call Recording
    • Call Monitoring
    • Call Barge-In
    • Managerial Dashboard
    • Call Transfer
  • Skill Based Routing
    • IVR Call Routing
  • Integrates into existing Telephony Architecture
  • DNIS Routing
  • Disposition Administration